Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Heart Things

My unofficial word for this year is Action.  And I have followed through with it quite bit so far (lots of things in progress that have not made it here yet though).

One of my "action" items that I have wanted to do many times but never got around to was to participate in Michelle Ward's monthly challenge.  February's challenge (No. 60) is to make a journal page(s) of things you love.  Michelle is great about providing downloads to use, if you choose.

I started my journal spread by making a big heart background with Inktense pencils.  Then I added some things that came to mind that I love.

As I worked, I thought of lots of other things I love, so I may do some more notes and scribbles on these pages before I'm done.

Thanks, Michelle, for years of great ideas and downloads to keep us all busy.  You have inspired many ideas, even though this is my first time to participate Officially.

You can see Michelle's challenges here, at the Green Pepper Press Street Team.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stencil On a Stick

Like most places, the weather here has been crazy.  It was almost 70 degrees yesterday, but might snow tonight.  But I know spring is coming.  I know that because the stores have the Easter candy out, as well as the gardening stuff.  To me that means one thing - time to look for cheap plastic things to use for stencils.

This time, I found flyswatters at the dollar store.  Makes for a handy stencil-on-a-stick!  They had other shapes, but I liked this one best. Fun times ahead!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Way

My house isn't very big.  I don't think I've ever gotten lost in my house.
Nevertheless, I think it's important to know where I am at all times.

 I don't have a sign for the ladies room.  My friend Gaye does though!
Speaking of Gaye, she has started a Pinterest site (see it here). 

There are two things I have avidly avoided, Facebook and Pinterest.  I have no self control, and I know if I start with either one, I will be addicted.  But I do love seeing what other people are putting on Pinterest.  I once did a search for "calligraphy" on Pinterest and I was absorbed for hours!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Little Sun Goes a Long Way

You know how you feel when there are way too many dark and gloomy days of winter, and then one day there is a burst of sunshine that feels so good that you don't want it to go away?  Apparently birds feel that way too.

I happened to look outside yesterday, and there was a dove on the deck railing.  Normally, I get concerned when I see a bird that has its eyes closed and does not move.  But this one honestly seemed to be napping in the sun, and enjoying every minute of it.

I went to get my camera, but expected the bird to be gone when I got back.  Instead, she was joined by a buddy, and they did not seem to mind that I kept taking pictures of them through the window.

They preened, they fluffed, they strutted.  They looked at me looking at them.  But mostly, they just seemed to enjoy the warmth of the sun.  Ditto that, little birdies!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'll bet you are thinking these cupcakes don't look very appetizing, as cupcakes go.  Kind of on the flat side, I'll admit.

Here's the thing... It was my friend Gaye's birthday. We had already postponed a get-together because she had been sick. So when we finally had a new date set up, I thought maybe I'd make a chocolate cake for her. Or, I thought to myself, maybe some cupcakes. I went to the kitchen to see if I had cupcake liners. But, since I'm a maker of Things more than I am a maker of Food, I thought those cupcake liners would be perfect for giving her the tapes I had bought for her. 
So that's how she received part of her gift. The tapes were wrapped in black tissue paper. Cardboard circles on the top were decorated with dimensional fabric paint in a squeeze bottle. (And I didn't end up making the cake, because I only had one ingredient required to add to the cake mix - water.  That is fairly typical in my kitchen when I attempt to make anything.)
As usual, we had a fun time on our visit.  I got to play with her micro engraving pen, making scribbles and words on metal.  It's a good thing she didn't turn her back, because I might have had to steal that dandy little tool.

And she always has different projects to awe and inspire me.  I love, love, love this little leather and metal book.  It is tiny, yet packs a powerful punch.
Yummy ideas running all through my head now!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slow and Steady

When making something complicated, it always pays to make a prototype.

Mystery object closed.
 Mystery object open.

Final product.

I have a friend who just had a big birthday.  For some reason, we have this thing where I HAVE to use my Dave the Dog stamp every year to make her something.  Neither of us has a dog, but we do have this thing with Dave the Dog.

This year, her greeting wishes her "Forty Daves" and "Forty Knights" of fun!  Not that the number forty has any meaning here.  None whatsoever....

By the way, the tag heart in my last post came from Better Homes and Gardens magazine's website.  I had gone there looking for another technique they had, making your own scratch-off formula from metallic paint and dishwashing soap.  Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like fun!

Scratch-off card here.
Tag heart here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Heart

Did you know you can make a heart from a couple of tags?  I did cut off the ends of the tags to get just the right size.