Thursday, October 27, 2016

Candy Corn Research

I've had a lot of fun playing in my small Moleskine journal lately.  I have to admit, I have been influenced and inspired by Jose Naranja.  Such finely detailed entries in what he calls his notebooks, because he notes a lot of things in there.

I've had this small journal for several years, in fact I think it is the first Moleskine I ever bought.  A few pages even have something on them. Some have sketches so horrible I will not even show them.  Early on, I had numbered a few pages and drew a line around the page, but there's nothing else on there.  But really, everything looks better with a line or circle around it, right?
The first double page spread I did when I got this journal out again was just playing around.  I picked up whatever way nearby, which happened to be vintage postage, with stencils and scraps.  I also wanted some words on the page, but didn't want to "journal".  I had some odd book pages laying around and copied some text from them about earth and seas.  None of it really means anything, just filling up the space and having fun with it.
My next double page spread was about Security.  Security envelope patterns.  Again, what to put on the page?  I tried to find some copyright information about security envelopes but didn't find exactly what I was looking for.  I found other patent applications, and picked one with a lot of detail about other types of envelopes.  I wrote parts of it by hand on the page, using blue pens.

I got ready to start a new spread and decided to research candy corn.  Found a couple of things to copy, along with some illustrations.  Stamped some test tubes (and didn't even notice one had a spider on it until I just looked at the picture here!)  I can't vouch for the accuracy of any of the information, but it filled the page and I had fun.  I'm liking my little book now.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Look down

I am really enjoying learning about manhole covers this month over on Michelle Ward's blog.  I live in a rural area where everyone has a septic tank.  We don't have manhole covers, so I need to drive a little to find some.

I did dig in the way back machine (my archive of digital photos) to find a few I took years ago.

The first two are from Louisville, Kentucky, 2011. They are standard covers for the water department. I think I was more interested in getting the word Louisville, as I didn't get the whole cover on the first one.  Now that I have more interest, I want to know where it was made.. India or Indiana.  Could be either.  I also noticed the drops of water in the design.

This one was taken in Berea, Kentucky, 2011.  Plain and simple.  Beneath that cover, there is some kind of communications something or other.
Related to absolutely nothing, except it was also taken in  Berea and is round, I came across this large stone.  I'm thinking (from brief research) that it is a grinding stone for grain.
More from Louisville, 2004.  I wanted the word Louisville, plus I liked the design.  But this wasn't a manhole cover.  It is a tree hole cover.
 There were a couple that had such whimsical adornments around the trees.

I need to spend more time looking down.  There's a whole lot going on down there.  Do yourself a favor and visit Michelle's blog here.  Also, she is having a stencil giveaway if you leave a comment. Don't leave a comment.  Because I want to win....Just kidding!

Friday, October 14, 2016

October DLP

Where will I go in October with my DLP 2016 planner?  I have no idea.  It has been a month where I just needed to get my calendar and a couple of pages done.  Tomorrow, October will be half over.  Whut???

I have had this picture of the girl forever and don't remember where I got it.  She reminds me of Halloween, so she got sewn onto the divider.  I continued with the brown page for the monthly calendar.  I had bought the masking tape at the office supply store recently and it went so well with the girl picture, on it goes to the page, with a white gel pen used to write out October.
Sometime in the past few months, I had obtained these pens.  They are Sakura Decorese, and the package says they write on plastic, metal and glass.  The rest of the writing is in Japanese, so that's all I can pass along except they are a gel-type pen.  I just liked the slanted tops!  I got them at either Amazon or Jet Pens.  Since that happened before today, I don't remember now.

I tested them out on a scrap to see which one(s) I wanted to use on my weekly page.

 I used those pens, plus some white paint and stenciling on the left side page.

On the right, I punched out black ovals, then used number punches to punch out the numbers to glue down.  It got kind of sloppy, but it's done.
I was ahead at that point.  But like I said, tomorrow is the 15th, so I guess I'd better put on my thinking cap again!

Friday, October 7, 2016

DLP Planner Catch up 4

My last post ended with the manilla envelope page.  On the back of the envelope, I added some address labels I had received in the mail (ordered from Check Advantage, art by Dina Wakley).  The weekly page on the right side was printed on paper that already had a design on it.  To reinforce the spine, I stamped on yellow paper and folded the yellow paper around to the back side.
The base paper was not very sturdy, so the yellow paper is to help reinforce it.  Before I glued down the yellow paper, I used a half-inch punch to make holes down the left side.  After the yellow paper was glued, I stamped the dates.
The vintage Dennison clasp envelope will probably hold art cards.  It already had some holes with grommets on them, but I did have to punch an extra hole to match the rings in my binder.
The next page is a grid paper (double thickness), sewn around the edges.  Stamp pad ink was sponged  on to separate days of the week.  
 I used the Select-A-Stencil (Stampers Anonymous, Wendy Vecchi design) to add the dates.
 On to October!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

DLP Planner Catch up 3

More from September
For the week ending Sept 10, I made a page from a manilla pocket.  It's a good place to put stuff... like the label from the big elastic bands I found at Staples.  My planners keep popping open and I had planned to make something to keep them closed.  But when I saw these staring at me from the store shelf, I knew that was what I needed, at least for now.  Putting that in the pocket will help me remember where I bought them.  Not that I'm forgetful or anything...
A vintage paperclip on the top right, a little more embellishment on the envelope...  And on the left side is a book page I just thought was interesting!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DLP 2016 Planner Catch Up Part 2

A few more peeks into recent planner pages for my DLP planner.
 One thing I've been doing lately is trying to keep up with the art card each week, seen in the pocket pages below.
My full size September calendar below is on the right, folded in.  I've loosely used back-to-school themed tapes and scrapbook papers.
When I needed something to sew down the side of the plastic pocket page (on the left below), I photocopied a composition book and used that black and white design for the border.
 Calendar unfolded.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

DLP2016 Planner Catch UP

Just because I haven't posted my planner pages lately.. here's a little catch up of end of July and part of  August.  Mostly self explanatory.  I had previously posted a journal page where I had used all the stencils I bought at Stampaway.  I made a reduced copy of that to go in my planner, because it seemed to belong there, but I needed a smaller size.  

 More catch up to come....

Friday, September 16, 2016


Seems like forever since I've been in Michael's.  What a shock to see the "latest thing"... when did they start selling manual typewriters?
 I have to admit, I'm kind of a typewriter geek, but I can't see spending two hundred bucks for one.  I'm sure it's a dream to type on, but still.  I did look long and hard at the ribbons for it though.  Typewriter ribbons in different colors!  Of course, my typewriter has the standard black/red ribbon.  But these were in black/blue, black/brown, etc.  I decided to take a chance and buy one to see if it would fit.

And it did.  I may have to go back and see what other colors they had.  I got the brown.  Kind of old world-y.
 Pretty ironic that the new ribbon cost more than what I paid for the old typewriter at Goodwill.
Even funnier, I looked on YouTube to find help in installing a typewriter ribbon.  I also found instructions for using a pencil app.  Even though I appreciate having a pencil tool on a phone or tablet for sketching, I found it ironic that you need an app to use a pencil.  Or maybe it's just me.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trifold Art Card

Time Marches On... and by that I mean, we are almost halfway through September already!

I have been doing things, just not getting my act together enough to take pictures and put a couple of sentences together.

Most of my time has been spent with the new job.  And having an internet outage during two of my first three weeks.  Not a happy camper here, as I work at home and depend on my internet to work.  The new company still lets me work there, so I guess it didn't scare them off  yet.

While waiting and waiting for a technician, I did doodle in my journal, depicting the annoying yellow triangle that designates no internet connection at the bottom of the computer screen.  I hope I don't see it again any time soon!
I feel a little guilty that my DLP planner is being neglected.  I did manage to get a fold-out September calendar in it (made from scrapbook paper that looks like distressed notebook paper.  For this week's art card, I followed the tutorial by Roben-Marie Smith.  I am not very patient with projects with a lot of layers, because if I have to wait for drying times, I probably won't finish.  But, this time I stuck with it and ended up with something I really like, warts and all.  The theme was to stitch your card.  Click here for Roben-Marie's blog post.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

August Stuff

It does not do for me to get out of my routine.  I seem to have a harder time getting back into one. 
I have been off work while between jobs, but it has not felt like a vacation in any way.  The time was mostly spent getting the new computer equipment set up in my home office, getting paperwork in, going through pre-training, etc.  A big part of all this was getting my internet upgraded and getting a new modem installed.

Last Monday was my first day at the new job, and it was mostly online training for the first couple of days.  Wednesday was the first day of going right into the work system and going full speed ahead.  And it went pretty good until I suddenly lost internet.  The rest of the week was spent trying to figure out what happened.  Long story short, we think a storm on Wednesday somehow damaged my new modem, and another new modem was installed which seemed to fix the problem.  By then, it was late Friday and I had lost half of my first work week.  I'm sure I made such a good impression on the new employer :(

Other than the new job, life goes on.  I had made weekly calendars for August for my DLP 2016 planner at the end of July, but haven't done much else with the planner.

I pondered why my box of freezer bags contained a lot of mutant bags, with parts of bags sewn into the seams of other bags.  It was quite bizarre.
I also enrolled in a new online class. I admit that before I left for Stampaway, I questioned my sanity in signing up for a new class that would start when I was out of town, and that would overlap with me starting a new job.  I must be out of my mind.

But, I did.  It is a Creative Lettering class with Andrea Joseph, taught through Sketchbook Skool.  I have been a fan of Andrea's work for a long time.  She makes amazing detailed drawings with just ballpoint pens.  She inspired me several years ago to make this journal page spread. The trick for me, which she suggested as a way to get a drawing started, was to trace around the object I wanted to draw, then fill in the rest.

When I was at Stampaway, I purchased a square Dylusions journal to use for the class (not required, but I had been wanting a square journal and this has nice pages to work on).  I decorated the front page with washi tape and a couple of stencils I also bought at Stampaway.

Some of my homework assignments don't look that great, but I'm loving this assignment and how it turned out! 
Since the class is about lettering to go in your sketchbook, I've been trying to do more sketching.  I was pretty happy with this one, which I drew with brown ink.  I then used a brush with water to wet the outsides of the bottle and make the ink run, spreading the ink around for a background.  That is, I did love it, until I wrote on the back side of the page with a marker that bled through.  But life is what it is, and I can't stress over it.  Just makes the page look aged or something.
I'll be catching up with my 2016 planner as time goes on and post progress here.  And I feel like I'm starting my new job again for the second time tomorrow, after not being able to work last week.  I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day, where the same thing happens over and over! !

Monday, August 8, 2016

Stampaway 2016

Another successful Stampaway USA is in the books.  Gaye and I traveled to Cincinnati Ohio for the annual convention (this one being number 24).  Gaye had two fun classes which kept us busy on Thursday and Friday.  The highlight of the Friday Night Preview Party (besides the shopping and seeing old friends) is the theme for the night.  This year had a tiara theme.  It is optional, of course, to wear a tiara or crown while shopping, but I love how the vendors participate and how many attendees go all out to compete for the best one.  Here are a few I captured and the various ways the theme was interpreted.

I always love watching demos, and Mary Beth Shaw of Stencil Girl and Dyan Reaveley of Dylusions (Dyan pictured below) are two of my favorites. 
Lots of shopping, lots of walking, lots of catching up with friends, and before you know it, it was time to head home on Saturday.  That is where the story took a detour, literally.  It's 15 miles from the convention center to the Kentucky state line.  It took us three hours.  Interstate traffic was moving, but barely.  We never really knew if it was just a lot of traffic, all the construction, or a wreck... probably all three. After barely moving during all that time, we decided to leave the interstate waiting to cross the bridge over the river, and went to find the smaller bridge that we knew led to Covington, Ky.  From there, we knew how to get back on the interstate south of where the bottleneck was in Ohio.  Apparently, most of the other people had the same idea.  That route was just as crowded, but at least it was moving, and at least we finally saw the sign that we had made it to Kentucky!  Halleluiah!
I did get a few stamps, and a bunch of new washi tape. 
And I may have gotten a stencil or two.. or maybe over a dozen...  I needed to play when I got home, and this page was done with just black and red ink pads stenciled onto a page that already had gold paint on it.
I think this may be my new favorite stencil.  I didn't even know such a thing existed until I saw it hanging in a booth.  I love it.  I can quickly stencil the day and date without having to mask out the letters and numbers, because the little wheel thing turns to where I want it and does the masking for me!
Stampaway USA 2017 - year 25 - only one year away!