Monday, February 13, 2017

January Planner Pages

Hello again.  I know it looks like I'm doing nothing these days, but I do work on my planner pages each week.  Thought I would post the pages from January.  Nothing fancy, just feeling my way around this format and getting used to it.

Stamped on the first page.
How to fix a mistake when you realize you put 2016 in your 2017 planner.  I'm pretending I meant to do it that way!

January week 1.  Word of the year is Transform.  I didn't want a word of the year, but it keeps popping up everywhere I look!
January week 2.  I used the days of the week words I carved last year.
January week 3.
 January week 4.
Life is unsettled in my world right now, and playing in this planner is really good for me.  It's not too demanding, and I can play a little here, a little there, as I get time.  I'm enjoying it!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


February already?  Where have the days gone?

Oh, there they are!  :)

Found these stamps on eBay.  I'm always on the lookout for stamps of days of the week and names of the month!

Monday, January 23, 2017


Yes, there's a day for that..
Happy National Handwriting Day 2017

I was moved to do my writing with brown and purple pens.
P.S.  I did not write the sign at the bottom left.  That was printed off the internet.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Plans Change

Some notes on how I prepared my planner/journal for this year.

Once I decided on my journal with the grid pages, I wanted to make the pages a little stronger to take whatever media I put on them.  I made sure I had enough pages available, then I used glue stick to glue every 2 pages together.  I ended up with pages that are double thickness and which should stand up well.

Another thing I did was to play around with calendar layouts in the back of the book on spare pages.  I worked on layouts for a full month calendar spread, and also the weekly calendar page.  I was pretty proud of myself, putting so much thought into my journal!

 After I had my full month sized out, I went to the front and drew out January and was getting ready to ink it in.  Then I realized that when I glued my pages together by 2's, I totally forgot to factor in the 12 monthly spreads I would need.

I have no problem changing plans before they even get started!  I decided I didn't really need separate calendars for each month.  So I went to Mr. Internet and searched for free printables and found a calendar that was bright and colorful.  I put that on the page that had originally been intended for a January double page spread.  I added some fun washi tape at the bottom.
I like the way it turned out.  Works just fine!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Making a Plan(ner)

Once upon a time in the land of planners....

....I started this year (actually back in December) thinking about what I wanted for a planner or journal or art journal.  Several years ago, I picked up a 5 x  8 journal with grid paper inside.  It was on a sale table and worked really well for just writing, which is all I wanted it for at the time.  I was lucky enough to find a few more pretty cheap over the years, and as time went on, I was adding more to the pages than just writing.  Not a lot, but strips of washi tape I had purchased, tags from gifts, stamped images from stamps I got, etc.

So I started looking for a grid journal for 2017, but struck out at the office supply stores.  I looked at alternatives.  I looked at the Midori Traveler's Notebooks.  I looked at the Hobonichi Techno planner. These were appealing to me, but I was on the fence, since I couldn't hold one first and look at it.  I was only seeing them online.

I finally decided to order a Moleskine grid journal.  I wasn't able to hold one of those either, but I was pretty sure I knew what I was getting.  When it arrived, I was surprised that it was pretty much exactly the same as the cheap grid journals I had used for years, except that it wasn't $5. In fact, it was so similar, I think the cheap ones I've been using are knock-offs of the Moleskine and maybe that's why I can't find them anymore.

I put it aside for the time being, but as 2017 got closer, I started thinking about how I wanted this one to have more, to work better for me and all the things I wanted to put in it.  That reminded me of the Art to the 5th artists and the journal/planner they did back in 2014.  I wasn't in on that year's journal, but remember how fascinated I was with what they were doing. And it led me to sign up for their Documented Life Journal in 2015 and their Documented Life UnPlanner in 2016.
See their 2014 planner (here).

Around that same time, I saw a post on Instagram by Lorraine Bell, who originally came up with the planner they were doing.  I immediately signed up for her $12 class, Plan-Journal-Play, where she shows exactly how they set up their planner.  See her planner (here).

They used a Moleskine planner, but I figured my Moleskine grid journal would work the same.  The only thing I would like to do differently is get the soft cover rather than the hard cover.  This journal is already so thick, I'm not sure it will survive the year-long journey without the spine cracking.  But there's a fix for that if it comes to that, and I could end up with an interesting cover!

So I punched out some tabs for the months, and I added lots of extra fold out pages, attached with lots of colorful washi tape, and I'm excited to see if this works for me this year.

I'm not affiliated with the websites I provided, nor do I get anything in return for referring anyone there.  But I have taken lots of free classes from these ladies (and some paid ones too), and since they have been so generous, I try to throw business their way when I can.

Stay tuned to see where this planner/journal takes me this year!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Right out of the box

It's a brand spanking new year.  It's like taking a new toy out of the box to play with.  So much possibility.  365 days for us to use in whatever way we want to. I will try not to squander mine away.

So far this year, I have doodled with this scribble tool online
 And in the last few days, I have played around with what I think my journal will be this year.

Happy New Year Everyone - Hope 2017 is all that you hope for! 

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Merry Christmas to All! 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Paper Snowflakes

Who remembers cutting out paper snowflakes?  The Winter Lettering Challenge for Dec. 5 was "paper snowflakes".  I didn't even look on YouTube to try to remember how to do this, I just dived right in, relying on memory.

I first used a piece of pretty red and gold art paper.  Sounded good in theory.  But the design was so busy, you could hardly see the snowflake pattern.  In fact, I flipped it over to the back side and was going to glue it to the page that way.

But in the meantime, I decided to try other papers.  I had a box of filters that were already a circle shape.  I'm not sure what they are for, the box says Laboratory Use.  They were a little thick, and I thought they would hold up to wet media pretty good.  That may be true, but the thickness made it hard to fold and cut.  I also had some coffee filters I wanted to try.
After cutting the lab filters, I used the stem part of a spray ink to dab color onto the filter.  I unfolded it some in order to get to all the areas.
Even after adding color and spraying water on it, it looked like it needed to go back to the lab, as if it had bacteria growing on it.
Next up, the coffee filter.  Thinner and easier to flatten, fold and cut.  We're onto something.
I sprayed the inks directly onto the paper.  When I unfolded it, there were still a lot of white spots, so sprayed more ink and a good amount of water on it until all areas were covered.
I unfolded it and blotted the excess water and ink.  It turned out to be my favorite.  Even though it is bigger than my page, that's the one I used.
Fun little blast from the past and reliving a childhood activity!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Challenge 2 and 3

I'm trying to keep up with the lettering challenge, just forget to post them here!  I'm having fun trying to come up with something different for the daily phrase.

Days 2 and 3:

Friday, December 2, 2016

December Challenge 1

I may or may not participate for a full month in the Winter Lettering Challenge. 
How's that for commitment 

Info here:

Monday, November 28, 2016

DLP Planner - Ideas

I'm always looking for new ways to add dates to my weekly planner pages.  This time, I used ledger paper. Cut some strips, stamp the days... attach to the page. Easy and simple.

I have also mentioned before picking up these pads of paper at the dollar store.
This time of year, the calendars and planners are out for next year, and with that comes some new pads to look over.  I got this one recently, again, just a dollar, and more pages than I will ever need for my planner.
If they don't fit exactly, I can always trim them down a little, as I did for the daily blocks here.  And I like to start the week with Sunday, not Monday, which is another reason I usually cut them apart to use them.

These two weeks added a lot of color to my planner!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Purse Art

My to-do list for some time has included getting caught up on art card assignments for my Documented Life planner.  I liked the assignment for the first week in November - Add something from the bottom of your purse.  I don't have a lot of junk in my purse, but I almost always have scraps of lists..  I also found a bandaid, but I ended up not using that (this time).

I tore my lists into strips and collaged them to a piece of file folder that already had some paint on one end.  The file folder piece was a little narrow, so I painted an ATC and attached the file folder to it.
 I added a little stamping, stenciling, and doodling, and stitched around the file folder part.
 I added a little more collage

 I made a vinyl pocket that is big enough to hold several cards, and sewed it a page made from free art from Carolyn Dube (she frequently has her Art Sparks downloads available for free.  I always download them but never know what I'll do with them.  But they are on my computer when I need something quick to use.)
I had a lot of fun and like all the color I ended up with.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

November DLP

The calendar on the wall is going a lot faster than I am! Here are a couple of recent planner pages.

Last 2 weeks of October... nothing really eye popping, just a couple of quickies.
Left Side, took a big tag, stenciled a background, stamped and stenciled the dates, used a little watercolor pencil around the border and to divide the days.  On the back of the page from the previous week, I sponged some black stamp pad ink around the border and attached the tag to it.

Right side:  Cut and folded scrapbook paper, attached ledger paper, marked the dates.  Done.
 Quick November page... I wanted to stamp the numbers in something other than black or brown, which I seem to always use.  I tested out colors on a piece of scrap cardstock, and decided I liked all the colors I tested.  So I used them all.
I added a touch of color with art stickers to two of the boxes on the calendar.  Okay, true confession.  what I actually did before that was stamp the number 1 in the wrong spot, so I used a sticker to cover it up!  Happy accident!

51 shopping days til Christmas!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Candy Corn Research

I've had a lot of fun playing in my small Moleskine journal lately.  I have to admit, I have been influenced and inspired by Jose Naranja.  Such finely detailed entries in what he calls his notebooks, because he notes a lot of things in there.

I've had this small journal for several years, in fact I think it is the first Moleskine I ever bought.  A few pages even have something on them. Some have sketches so horrible I will not even show them.  Early on, I had numbered a few pages and drew a line around the page, but there's nothing else on there.  But really, everything looks better with a line or circle around it, right?
The first double page spread I did when I got this journal out again was just playing around.  I picked up whatever way nearby, which happened to be vintage postage, with stencils and scraps.  I also wanted some words on the page, but didn't want to "journal".  I had some odd book pages laying around and copied some text from them about earth and seas.  None of it really means anything, just filling up the space and having fun with it.
My next double page spread was about Security.  Security envelope patterns.  Again, what to put on the page?  I tried to find some copyright information about security envelopes but didn't find exactly what I was looking for.  I found other patent applications, and picked one with a lot of detail about other types of envelopes.  I wrote parts of it by hand on the page, using blue pens.

I got ready to start a new spread and decided to research candy corn.  Found a couple of things to copy, along with some illustrations.  Stamped some test tubes (and didn't even notice one had a spider on it until I just looked at the picture here!)  I can't vouch for the accuracy of any of the information, but it filled the page and I had fun.  I'm liking my little book now.