Monday, May 7, 2018

Stitched Cover

I haven't posted the cover I made for the journal I am using for 2018.  I made the cover to fit the larger size 12-month Hobonichi.

I made this after taking an online class with Mary Ann Moss called Stitchbookery.  I've always liked her no-rules fun classes, and I adapted sone of the techniques for this particular cover.

The base of the cover is a medium weight canvas, which comes in a pad (Fredrix brand).  I cut a piece to the size I needed, then to that I sewed all the elements I used.  The spine is lightweight leather, and the rest is a combination of scrapbook papers, vintage postage and envelopes, old photo, and map.  The cover folds inward to make two end pockets into which the Hobonichi end covers slide.  The cover could be reused - "could", but if I do this again I'll probably make a new cover, just to have something different.

Here are some pictures:

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