Monday, November 28, 2016

DLP Planner - Ideas

I'm always looking for new ways to add dates to my weekly planner pages.  This time, I used ledger paper. Cut some strips, stamp the days... attach to the page. Easy and simple.

I have also mentioned before picking up these pads of paper at the dollar store.
This time of year, the calendars and planners are out for next year, and with that comes some new pads to look over.  I got this one recently, again, just a dollar, and more pages than I will ever need for my planner.
If they don't fit exactly, I can always trim them down a little, as I did for the daily blocks here.  And I like to start the week with Sunday, not Monday, which is another reason I usually cut them apart to use them.

These two weeks added a lot of color to my planner!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Purse Art

My to-do list for some time has included getting caught up on art card assignments for my Documented Life planner.  I liked the assignment for the first week in November - Add something from the bottom of your purse.  I don't have a lot of junk in my purse, but I almost always have scraps of lists..  I also found a bandaid, but I ended up not using that (this time).

I tore my lists into strips and collaged them to a piece of file folder that already had some paint on one end.  The file folder piece was a little narrow, so I painted an ATC and attached the file folder to it.
 I added a little stamping, stenciling, and doodling, and stitched around the file folder part.
 I added a little more collage

 I made a vinyl pocket that is big enough to hold several cards, and sewed it a page made from free art from Carolyn Dube (she frequently has her Art Sparks downloads available for free.  I always download them but never know what I'll do with them.  But they are on my computer when I need something quick to use.)
I had a lot of fun and like all the color I ended up with.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

November DLP

The calendar on the wall is going a lot faster than I am! Here are a couple of recent planner pages.

Last 2 weeks of October... nothing really eye popping, just a couple of quickies.
Left Side, took a big tag, stenciled a background, stamped and stenciled the dates, used a little watercolor pencil around the border and to divide the days.  On the back of the page from the previous week, I sponged some black stamp pad ink around the border and attached the tag to it.

Right side:  Cut and folded scrapbook paper, attached ledger paper, marked the dates.  Done.
 Quick November page... I wanted to stamp the numbers in something other than black or brown, which I seem to always use.  I tested out colors on a piece of scrap cardstock, and decided I liked all the colors I tested.  So I used them all.
I added a touch of color with art stickers to two of the boxes on the calendar.  Okay, true confession.  what I actually did before that was stamp the number 1 in the wrong spot, so I used a sticker to cover it up!  Happy accident!

51 shopping days til Christmas!