Thursday, November 3, 2016

November DLP

The calendar on the wall is going a lot faster than I am! Here are a couple of recent planner pages.

Last 2 weeks of October... nothing really eye popping, just a couple of quickies.
Left Side, took a big tag, stenciled a background, stamped and stenciled the dates, used a little watercolor pencil around the border and to divide the days.  On the back of the page from the previous week, I sponged some black stamp pad ink around the border and attached the tag to it.

Right side:  Cut and folded scrapbook paper, attached ledger paper, marked the dates.  Done.
 Quick November page... I wanted to stamp the numbers in something other than black or brown, which I seem to always use.  I tested out colors on a piece of scrap cardstock, and decided I liked all the colors I tested.  So I used them all.
I added a touch of color with art stickers to two of the boxes on the calendar.  Okay, true confession.  what I actually did before that was stamp the number 1 in the wrong spot, so I used a sticker to cover it up!  Happy accident!

51 shopping days til Christmas!

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Medbury Gaye said...

It all works for me. Can't believe you are actually going to finish your planner.