Friday, February 24, 2012

Stencil On a Stick

Like most places, the weather here has been crazy.  It was almost 70 degrees yesterday, but might snow tonight.  But I know spring is coming.  I know that because the stores have the Easter candy out, as well as the gardening stuff.  To me that means one thing - time to look for cheap plastic things to use for stencils.

This time, I found flyswatters at the dollar store.  Makes for a handy stencil-on-a-stick!  They had other shapes, but I liked this one best. Fun times ahead!


gaye said...

Love that! Looks so fun to play with

carol said...

Hey - great idea. I might have to look for one of those.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Those are the prettiest fly swatters I've ever seen! Great idea!