Friday, October 26, 2012

Destination Ohio

There's nothing like a little get-away on a beautiful fall day.  I took a day off work and headed up the road to friend Gaye's.  From there, we took the getaway car up the road to Cincinnati. 

 There is a section of the road, just before you reach the Ohio River, where you are on a hill and have a fantastic view of the city of Cincinnati.  Every time, I think to myself that I should take a picture of that view.  But it only lasts an instant before the road goes downhill and the view is lost.  I managed to get a lovely picture of the backs of several trucks and cars, but not the view.

I did take these while crossing the bridge from Kentucky to Ohio.  Lovely views of the bridge supports, don't you think?  But look what a beautiful day it was!

 This was our main destination.  Stamp Your Art Out - a fantastic rubber stamp store that has been around a long time.  They are in the last days of a closing sale, everything 50% off.  It may look pretty bare, but there are lots of very cool things still available.
I can't believe I have never noticed this display of T-shirts before.  They are the shirts sold at the annual Stampaway convention, each year with its own logo.  (I own almost all the stamps and tote bags with these logos!)
This is Connie Williams, store owner and convention-holder extraodinaire.  Does she look sad that she is going to have a little more free time after the store closes?  You be the judge!
Notice I didn't say after she "retires" because she is still going to busy with her stamp company (Verses) and still holding the annual convention (Stampaway XXI in August 2013), so never fear...  And if you can't get to the store in Cincinnati, you can take advantage of the 50% sale by going here and here.

I got a few stamps, Distress ink pads, a stencil and other goodies.  What a bargain! 
From there, we visited Marco's in Dayton, 25 miles further north.  We both stocked up on some paper and cardstock.  I'm anxious to try out the Premium Writing Paper for book pages.  It has a very luxurious feel.
We had a quickie lunch at Wendy's nearby, where it was apparently Women-With-Walkers day.  Two separate pairs of older women, one in each pair walking with the aid of a walker.  One woman was grumpy and rude.  One was happy and excited about being out in her pretty blue blouse, getting treated to a Frosty.  Life is all about perspective.  And nothing could be better than a fun outing on a beautiful day, Frosty or no Frosty.


Martha Lever said...

YES! You are right Huckleberry Hound!!! Of course! Thanks!!!

SisterCraft said...

Oh, Cincinnati... I used to live there - spent almost 4 years in that lovely city before came back to Russia)))