Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boxed In

I've been taking Martha Lever's online class series of Lollapalooza journals.  This week, Lolla #3 started, the Grid Journal.  It took me the full week to do a two-page spread, but I really had fun, pulling out stamps, alphabets, tools, etc.  I really like working in boxes and grids, and I think I will be doing lots more of this.  Plus Martha is so full of ideas, and also had lots of downloads for us to use of her own artwork and calligraphy.  That helped to have something to put on the pages right away.  This is also my first time experimenting with pan pastels and I'm still getting the hang of that.
 I see some things I might like to re-do on these pages, but overall I'm happy with it.  See Martha's classes here.


KYCrafter said...

That looks so cool!!! I love Martha Lever's classes!! Glad to know you only had outage and no major damage that you mentioned. I am a bit jealous though. Our power went out before 7pm and came back on after 2am. Can't wait to see more class work!

gaye said...

I see you finished the second page. Looks great. It's going to be such a cool journal when your finished.

j.La said...

I love your journal pages! The grids and boxes look really neat!