Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Ahead

Happy New Year, fellow citizens of the world (and beyond, if that applies)!

I always feel optimistic on the first day of a new year.  It occurred to me that I always hear people say "I'm glad to see the old year end."  I don't think I have ever heard anyone say "I wish this year would not end."  So we'll see how this one goes.  I predict it will have its ups and downs, its sparkling moments and its share of sad events. It is called life. 

So we look ahead, full of optimism.

I didn't take many pictures at the family Christmas gathering last month, but most of them were of the little kids wearing silly glasses.  Appropriate for the looking ahead theme!

I don't make resolutions - seems like setting myself up for failure.  But I do like to keep achievable goals in my head.  A lot of them carry over from year to year, like being more organized, simplifying life, eating better, ... the usual.  This year, I am really focusing on making things in my life flow better.  Flow.  Not a word I had thought much about until I read a blog post by Teesha Moore called "Magical Life".  The part about Flow really inspired me.  You can read her post here.  Powerful words. 

So, whatever your plans are for 2014, may it be the best year yet!! 


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the glasses! "Flow" was my one little word several years ago.

Kimberly Hogan said...

I came across your blog doing a google search for Golden Fluid Acrylic color charts, (I too am chart obsessed). I have made a few Teesha Moore journals, (another obsession of mine, what can I say… I have issues.) and I might have hijack your color chart journal idea. I spent some time looking around. I am certainly happy I found you. I am definitely a new follower. Happy New Year!!!!