Sunday, March 9, 2014

Howdy Doody

If you grew up as a kid watching the Howdy Doody TV show, just those two words probably make you smile.  If you didn't, well, I guess you think I'm just a country girl saying hi!

In January, I was one of the many who joined the Artstronauts Club that Teesha and Tracy Moore started.  I have gotten my money's worth several times over already.  My favorite thing so far is the little Playing Card Journal that Tracy made.  I immediately looked for a playing card box to make a journal.

What I used is a little smaller than regular playing cards.  It's a vintage Howdy Doody playing card box.  When I say vintage, I mean old and falling to pieces.  First thing I had to do was laminate the whole thing.
I used a variety of papers, including security envelopes, brown bag paper, and printed stationary.
I have used some of my Zettiology stamps (a Teesha & Tracy company) on a few pages as they are just the right size.
I've been making notes in this little journal from the videos and instructions.
I am really loving this little journal.  I had big issues with my velcro closure, however, and for now I'm using a rubber band to wrap around it when it is closed.
As I have said many times, it does not take much to entertain me!

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