Monday, September 8, 2014

Smart Art

Okay, I may get a little geeky here.  I have always thought the Periodic Table of Elements is a little under-rated. Well, look at it... not very interesting at first glance, but it IS made of boxes and letters and numbers, which are certainly interesting.
An image search online will show lots of variations, from vibrant colors to parody tables and goofy versions.

A more interesting Table is one I have in my posession done in calligraphy by the late Ann Van Tassell (mine is a reproduction).

But then I came across this image on Pinterest. The original art is acrylic on a 60 x 36 inch canvas.

I tried to find out more about the artist, Princess Rashid.  Okay, cool name first of all. Second, she studied Physics and Astronomy. Don't we love smart women? Who do art?  I think I may be inspired to do some scientific art in the future.

Check out this video of her at work on another large piece


RobinG said...

I love the Periodic Table as art too. I just saw somethink online at Pottery Barn, I think< that used it for Halloween decorating! Great idea but too expensive.

Carol P said...

Very cool work. Enjoyed looking at her site. Thanks for the link. Would love to own a piece of her work!