Friday, June 5, 2015

DLP Week 20

Making progress, slowly!  I finished DLP Journal assignment for Week 20 (still with the May theme of Texture).  The challenge was to use modeling paste.  If you didn't have any, you could substitute drywall spackle, or use an online recipe to make your own. 

Wasn't a problem for me to dig out some modeling paste.  In fact, I had several things to pick from, none of which I have used much.  So, for my page, I decided to use them all... modeling paste, molding paste, fiber paste, and wood icing. 

I started out by putting down a layer of white gesso, then yellow and orange color, then stenciling reddish orange over that.
I spread the pastes through a feather stencil, using acrylic paint to color each of the pastes. 

For the fiber paste, I found a baggie of some experimental pieces from a couple of years ago.  I had tinted the fiber paste with blue acrylic paint, then used a palette knife to spread several pieces out on freezer paper.  Once the pieces dried, I peeled them up... and never used them for anything.  I had heard you can sew through it, punch holes in it, etc.  So I punched holes and sewed a piece to a tag.   
To finish off the double page spread, I used Inktense pencil to make boxes around each example, used purple paint around the border, scribbled some words around the edge with a bright Moonlight gelly roll pen, and made notes about the samples.
I'm pretty  happy with it.  I'll be interested to see how well these feathers hold up over time, as I continue to work in the journal. 

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