Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Plans Change

Some notes on how I prepared my planner/journal for this year.

Once I decided on my journal with the grid pages, I wanted to make the pages a little stronger to take whatever media I put on them.  I made sure I had enough pages available, then I used glue stick to glue every 2 pages together.  I ended up with pages that are double thickness and which should stand up well.

Another thing I did was to play around with calendar layouts in the back of the book on spare pages.  I worked on layouts for a full month calendar spread, and also the weekly calendar page.  I was pretty proud of myself, putting so much thought into my journal!

 After I had my full month sized out, I went to the front and drew out January and was getting ready to ink it in.  Then I realized that when I glued my pages together by 2's, I totally forgot to factor in the 12 monthly spreads I would need.

I have no problem changing plans before they even get started!  I decided I didn't really need separate calendars for each month.  So I went to Mr. Internet and searched for free printables and found a calendar that was bright and colorful.  I put that on the page that had originally been intended for a January double page spread.  I added some fun washi tape at the bottom.
I like the way it turned out.  Works just fine!

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