Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's a Blog

To blog or not to blog. It's something I have been considering lately, and so I have taken the plunge. Why blog? Because I am so fabulously witty and entertaining that the world cannot go another second without my input on the mundane things of life! Sure.... Actually, I do have trepidations, since I seem to work 90 percent of the time, so how can I possibly keep up with a blog? On the other hand, I am so inspired by reading other people's blogs and seeing their artwork, that I think this may provide me with a jump start to another level of art making and creativity. That is my hope at any rate.

So, if I blog, what will I call it? I went through a dictionary of obscure and weird words. I decided on Kerfuffle. It loosely means commotion or fuss; confusion and disorder. I feel like that is my life most of the time. When I get organized and my life is ordinary, I'll call this blog Boring Perfection.

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Anonymous said...

I'm your first. hehehehe. Hi my dear friend Pat. I am happy that you have decided to blog because I think you are so funny. Also because I will get to see your WONDERFUL art. You don't have to blog every single day. Don't feel pressured. Just blog when you WANT to. That will make it fun and not so committed. Take this from a person who doesn't have a blog - but also wants one very bad and I have actually partially started one. I love your header - I recognize all those very cool pieces. hehe. Wonder where they came from. GOOD LUCK in you adventure!!