Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brown Things

I've been stuck on a project lately, one I've had on my desk for way too long. It is a "true colors" RR, and the book's theme is Forest Floor. I had glued some leaves to the page, and then decided to add a bird trinket shadowbox from Coffee Break. (FYI, Mike Meador from Coffee Break is the world's leading authority in laser cutterology). Instead of painting the bird, I covered it with a scrap of fabric. It turned out really nice. And there was another scrap of the fabric laying there that looked just like a wing, so I glued that on there too. I think I can proceed with this page now and be happy with it. The picture does not do it justice.

And speaking of coffee (?), every now and then, I take the leftover coffee in the coffee pot, pour it into a large baggie, and put in some cheesecloth or gauze, or maybe put some watercolor paper in a tray and pour the coffee on top of it. In the back of my head, in the part that holds the seeds of ideas, there is a coffee stained book using all these things. It will get done, some day, some way.

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