Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gourmet Recipes

Let me finish that sentence... Gourmet recipes cannot be found here.

I'm always amazed at all the great recipes found on blogs of other artists.  There is Alisa Burke for instance.  She makes me want to eat healthier. And I have been craving a grilled cheese sandwich since I saw this yummy version here

Then there is Randall Hasson, who has inspiring calligraphy on his blog, but has a separate blog for recipes here

There are many, many more I'm sure.  Creative people seem to be creative no matter what room they are in!

This time of year, I do sometimes make a favorite dish.  In spite of what it may seem, I am not obsessed with candy corn.  But I did work with a woman a few years ago who, every fall, had a dish of this on her desk.  It is impossible to avoid grabbing a handful every time you walk by.  Here is the complicated recipe:

Take some of these:

Add some of these:

And mix them up.  They are really good together. 

But if you want the "gourmet" version, also add this:

Put the mix in your finest Halloween serving dish.

Okay, so I don't have a Halloween serving dish.  What?  You don't put up your Halloween tree this time of year?


letterlady said...

One of my favorites too...but not the gourmet style. Well - maybe I'll try it. : )

I love the way you write!

Mike M. said...

Are those dry roasted peanuts? UGH!

We make that with spanish peanuts - YUM!

That's all.