Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doodly Do

I have been piddling here and there lately, just haven't posted any of it.  It's pure guilt on my part, because I have another project I need to be working on, and have been playing elsewhere instead.  Like doing this...

I've seen other people put photos in a sketchbook and build the page around it.  Not what I saw in my head, but I do plan to play with this some more.

I've also done more spraying and stenciling on paper And fabric (with new purple and blue spray I found on a sale table).  One really should iron the fabric before spraying, I learned.  But since my name is not "One", I neglected to do that!

I also tried out a new book binding, using things I already had lying around.  Came across this stack of paper left over from cutting other sheets down to size.  I always liked the tiny pattern of checks, and couldn't throw it out.  So I used it for my sample book to try out the stitching.  (The book is above in the previous photo.)  The twill tape has also been hanging around for a long time.  I think it was an experiment with alcohol inks on the tape. 

So many ideas... so little time...


Anonymous said...

Didn't your background used to be a tan color?

Pat said...

Maybe not.

(Sometimes all these options confuse me, and I can't settle on something I really like.)

gaye said...

For someone who doesn't have any time, you sure do get lot accomplished.