Sunday, November 28, 2010

Topsy Turvy Book

I'd like to introduce my new topsy turvy journal.  It started out as a spell book, which has now been dismembered and is no more. 

I liked the size and wanted to make another journal with the covers.  It has great endpapers too.  (I'm pretty sure I got the book at one of Gaye's yard sales.)  The main purpose of this new journal is to try out some new papers recommended by LK Ludwig in her online class, Just 3 Journals.  I found a great deal on Stonehenge and Lenox papers at JerrysArtarma online.  For years, I've used Fabriano Artistico and still love it.  But it has gotten so expensive and I am venturing out to try something new.

I made this book combining the seed pearl stitch and sewn over tapes.  I really like how it turned out. 
The reason the book is "topsy turvy" is that when you open the front cover, there are five signatures of the Stonhenge paper.

Flip the book over, and the back cover becomes the front cover, and there are five signatures of Lenox 100 paper. I'll try them both out and see which I like better.


I'm sure I'll add something else to the cover, but for now I'm loving this new journal!  However, I am trying to figure out why I think I need yet another journal to work in!  I guess I'll just admire my multi-tasking skills instead.


gaye said...

Thats a great idea. It's a perfect way to test paper and practice the seed pearl stitch. And I recognize the covers. It must make this Gaye person pretty happy to see "her possibilities" turn into your reality.

Sarah said...

this looks great! I'm also looking forward to your "reviews" of the 2 brands of paper.

Jennifer said...

Super cool, awesome, and I love it! Make books, more books, it makes me happy! It really isn't about needing another journal, is it?