Friday, February 18, 2011

Ordinary Things

I didn't even realize how much I missed the sun all winter, or how much those cold, gray days were dragging me down.  Until, one morning I went into my kitchen to refill my coffee cup, and I wondered why the curtain was pink.  Normally, it's off-white.
I looked outside and saw the most brilliant sunrise.  Such intense color.
But very quickly, it seemed, the sun rose higher and higher, fading the pink with each second.
And then the moment passed.
But this sudden return of sunny days and warm weather have really infused me with something I didn't even know was missing.  The days are longer, and life is full of promise.


Ginnycartersmallenburg said...

I love the curtain material!
Isn't it wonderful to have tis Feb tease of Spring? Just makes me sing inside. No heavy jacket for the last three days!

Jan said...


Pat said...

Yes, yes. I think it took that cold, harsh winter to make me really appreciate spring more. I know winter is not over, but this past week of sunshine has done more for me than a whole bottle of Vitamin D ever could!!

gaye said...

You know, you have to open enough to SEE life's little rewards while they are being given. They are your Graces. :-)

JLa said...

Yes, in the past week or so we have noticed a change in the light here too. The promise of sunshine and warmth is exciting! Great photos and fabric!

Paula Hardesty said...

Pat I love it. "infused me with something I didn't even know was missing." Also ...what we take for granted. How much better we feel with the sunshine on our least for 15 minutes like Dr. Oz says.