Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I get in so much trouble when I go to Michael's.  "Step away from the $1 items, ma'am."  I can't resist.  Love the bird stuff they have.

I get in such trouble when I linger too long at my work table.  I spied the word stamp lying off to the side and played around with a quickie card and then stamped a journal page, even though I was supposed to be out running errands.

I get in such trouble when I look around on Etsy.  Especially when Ginny says she is selling her stuff from Small Studio there.  I decided to get some of the Coffee Break stencils I had put off getting in the past.  Ginny always makes ordering fun.  See her Etsy shop here

I have to go now and see what other trouble I can get into....


Mary said...

i love coffee break stencils and love what you did with them here!

gaye said...

I'm right there with ya. Michael's can be dangerous at times. Cool word stamp. Really like what you did with it. Simple yet cool. Coffee Break stencils are the bomb!