Sunday, June 19, 2011

In Progress

Remember the children's books that ask what things don't go together (like circles and squares)?  Well, I know what doesn't go together - starting a new online class on Friday (Full Tilt Boogie) and then having to work all weekend.  I am so antsy to move along, but have to work on my journal when I can grab bits of time.  I have chosen a book cover, something I've wanted to use for a book cover for a long time (old ledger book from Academy of Our Lady of Mercy)...

And I have been assembling papers for my pages.  Remember the number rack I got from Hobby Lobby?  I printed the photo of that onto the back of a piece of scrapbook paper (the striped one).  Cut the scrapbook paper to fit your printer, and print away!  Fold page for insertion into your signature.

Can't wait to finish.  Hope Our Lady of Mercy looks kindly on me!


letterlady said...

I love the number rack print!

Oh! Bama said...

this journal---start to finish---is awesome!