Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Life on the Mail Boat

Okay, that's misleading.  I have never been on a mail boat.  I've never seen a mail boat.  Never even heard of one before.  That is until I had a Florida webcam on my computer screen while I was doing.. something... I don't remember what.  And this bright little boat zips by, and on the side it says Fiesta Mail/ Mail Boat.  So, I decided if I ever run away from home, I want to go work on the mail boat, jumping from island to island in the Bahamas, delivering mail, enjoying the blue waters and white beaches. 
Except in hurricane season, that is. 
(By the way, on the journal page above, I printed pictures from the internet onto matt photo paper, then roughed them up with sandpaper for a little texture.  If you click on them to enlarge, you might be able to see the scratches.)


Michele said...

I am so glad that MAM featured your journal on her blog for the FTB week 3 posting. I am now going to be a regular on your blog....I love your "tone of voice" and your photos. We might be sisters separated at birth (an probably many years as I am getting up there....) We definitely share the "family" POV and tone of voice. In my family it's know as being a Smith. We Smith women (my mother's maiden name) are pithy and droll and, we like to think, intelligent and funny. I think you'd fit right into the fam!

Okay, enough babbling.

LOVE your blog.

Pat said...

I loved reading your comment! We Johnston women (maiden name) are also pithy and droll, and we love to laugh!