Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bookie Lookie

I have been smitten for a while with little vintage slider boxes that contain labels and other office supplies.  The best ones are the ones that look like little books.  I check eBay sometimes to see what's out there.  Bidding can go really high, really fast on the good stuff.  Some people even sell the boxes empty, but I like them with contents.
I decided to cover some matchboxes and see how that would look mixed in with my vintage boxes.  I gathered some papers for covers, but by the time I got ready to make covers, I didn't use any of those papers and used my good old stash of security envelopes instead.  I put a white sticker on what would be the foredge of the fake book.  One of my vintage boxes even has fake pages and dividers.

It turned out pretty good, but not the same as the vintage ones.  Plus the matchbox is smaller.  But at least I got it out of my system!



gaye said...

Well, if that isn't the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. You've sparked my imagination. Could sure run in many directions. A+ sweetie! A+

J.La said...

Oh, yes! These are so cute. Why haven't we been making little books out of matchboxes for years?! Too perfect. You're the best!

mjk said...

oooooh, i love that idea. stolen, lol. those are just too darn cute and what a great way to hide some stash. tfs

Anonymous said...

I think that's a brilliant idea!