Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Fix

I have some loose ends I need to tie up so I can move on.  When I posted about making Geo Paper (from Jill Berry's instructions), I had one more sheet of paper left with the black sumi ink lines drawn on it.  I decided to stamp some of the sections with a number/letter collage stamp.  Then I decided to paint the sections with the Peerless watercolors I got last summer.
The Peerless colors are very nice and bright (I guess they have to be pretty concentrated to come in the form of a paper sheet.)  However, once I used one color, that page was wet.  Turning the pages back and forth to use other colors presented a problem. 
 In my head, I would have come up with some kind of clever palette design, but since I was impatient, this will do for now.  I cut squares from each color and put it on cardstock using double stick tape.  Then I clamped  the cardstock to cardboard for sturdiness. 
I'm sure there will be a very clever, more interesting solution coming in the future.


gaye said...

I'm really loving your map play. I think it looks FAB! I'm inspired

Dot said...

What a smart idea to cut out sections of the Peerless Watercolors and attach them to cardstock...you come up with the best ideas...really enjoying your posts...I just don't look often enough.