Friday, March 16, 2012

The Case of the Disappearing Shirt

I have moved from spraying and stenciling on paper to using fabric.  I thought I had something I would be happy with for a cover of my book.  Something to match the pages I sprayed, stenciled, and painted earlier.
But when the fabric dried, it was much lighter than what I wanted. 
And my brain has shut down when it comes to making a decision about the cover.  Do I want a fabric spine only or a full cover made of fabric. 
That is all still under consideration.  The fabric I used is a smooth white cotton that I cut from a shirt I no longer wore.  Of course, the fact that I already cut off the cuffs previously to make these pockets pretty much rendered the shirt un-usable anyway.  
 A couple of chunks of fabric out of the back... It is slowly disappearing.
I have my eye on the ruffled pocket for something too!
Good thing it wasn't my favorite shirt!


letterlady said...

The best kind of recycling!

J.La said...

I love the disappearing shirt!

gaye said...

Looks to me like all you need to do is stencil some numbers or solid circles in darker color and you'll have perfect fabric. Lookin' great