Thursday, May 17, 2012

Following Instructions

I can't seem to focus on any one thing lately.  My mind is going in a dozen different directions.  But I am still doodling around with drawing stuff when I get a chance.  And it only took about a day in the beginning of my drawing journey before I wanted more colors to draw with.  Enter my favorite pen company, JetPens.  I ordered a set of pens that come in the tiny 0.3 size that I like.

And because I am such a sucker for all things pens, I explored some other offerings.  I ordered a Coccoiro "letter pen".  Because it says "letter pen".  How could I not order something whose description says "This stylish pen is perfect for women who value their handwriting or who like to use their favorite pen for a long time."  It is the only pen I've ever bought that does not come with ink.  You have to order the barrel (available in many colors) and the ink cartridge (also in many colors) separately.

When the package arrived, I wasn't sure if the pen barrel was missing the bottom part or if the ink cartridge sticks out the bottom.  I carefully went over the instructions.  No help there! From these instructions, something goes down and something twirls.
I am slowing getting used to this pen.  It has a brush-like tip, but I have to contort my hand a little to make brush strokes.  I don't think it was meant to be pressed hard like a brush or it might not keep its sharp tip anymore.  But it's growing on me.  And I like to say its name, Coccoiro.  Say it with me, in your best Japanese - Co-Co-Eee-Ro.

I also bought a Pilot "Envelope Address Writing Pen".  I think it might be exactly like the Pilot laundry pen I bought a couple of years ago.

So if you need me, I'll most likely be off making doodlie-doos somewhere!

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gaye said...

O.K. You are really making me jealous. I want to draw like that. Fantastic!