Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Books

I see I am getting behind on posting again - rest assured when I realized that, I made myself sit in the corner for an hour.  (Never mind that the "corner" contained a comfy reading chair and a cold beverage.)  No good excuse for not posting, just doing stuff and trying to stay cool.

Last week, I made another fun quick trip up the road to friend Gaye's to make books.  It was a dual purpose bookbinding session.  She is teaching at Stampaway in Cincinnati in August, and my job was to help work out the kinks in her class instructions.  I loved making my own "Takin' Care of Business" book.  It's meant as a place to put all those business cards you accumulate over time.  Of course, you can also use the book for ATCs or moo cards, or even photos.  Here are Gaye's samples:

 This is the book I made.  We decided the covers need a big old button to look awesome.
After I got home, it was a few days before I started putting cards and postcards in my book.  It was way harder than I expected.  For one thing, lots of cards have information on both sides, so those need to be hinged with tape.  Some card were postcards and needed accomodation by folding or other tricky means.  Then there is the whole problem of whether to group by color or by type of business, etc.  Frankly, though, I've had a lot of these cards for a long time, and I'm sure the contact information on them is out of date.  But that's not why I kept them anyway. 

I like how it's turning out.  I still have lots to add and pages to fill.  I think there are still openings in Gaye's class, if you are going to Stampaway (her classes are on Friday - info here). 

I've also been playing in a bird sketchbook - I'll share that later...


gaye said...

Your book looks FAB! You're just gonna love it when it's all full plus the Touche card stock feels like a million dollars in your hand. You get an A+

j.La said...

Oh to make books with Pat and Gaye. Dreamy!!