Sunday, July 8, 2012

Number Three

It's been too hot to really go out and do anything, so this weekend I've tried to catch up on some UFOs (unfinished objects).  One of them is to make another postal book, because Gaye made one a few months ago and I wanted to make one too.  I made the cover weeks ago, but finally got some pages sewn in.  It started out with a mailing box - here's before and after.
Various patterns from security envelopes were used on the covers (and I managed to use a lot of my new tapes from Target too).  I used half of an airmail envelope to make a pocket in the back, and inserted a library card. 

The library card has a place for title.  Hmm.  After careful introspection and thoughtful consideration (of about 5 seconds, because I'm nothing if not Thoughtful), I brilliantly proclaimed the title of the book to be Postal Book 3.
And I put a big old 3 on the back cover.
It now joins books 1 and 2. 
And then I had ice cream.


gaye said...

Love the 3 stencil on the back. Looks Great!

Caatje said...

Ooh, another gorgeous book in a series of gorgeous books. I wish I could touch it and leaf through.

letterlady said...

I was LOL by the end. I'm glad you had ice cream. Mine is gone. I blamed Steve for eating it all.