Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tape Thursday

This didn't start out to be Tape Thursday.  Tape was way, way back in my mind when I headed out the door early this morning to drive up to friend Gaye's to spend a fun day off from work.  We hung around, did some things, made some things, played with things.  Then we headed to Target because I had read on someone's blog about some cool tape.  We thought we'd check it out, on the off chance the local Target had some.  This is it - comes in a pack of 9 rolls of bright tape for $6.99.
Did we buy some?  Of course we did.  Nine rolls.
Then we saw these packs of 4 rolls.  Oooh, it comes in blue... and red... and green... and orange.  Only $4 for each pack of four.

Did we buy some?  Of course we did.  Nine rolls + 16 rolls - up to 25 now.
We saw lots more, but we only bought one more roll.  This is a clear duct tape, with school type stuff on it. 
Yep, 26 rolls of tape I had no thought of owning mere hours earlier.   When I got home, I had to put a piece of each tape in my journal.  It's nice to refer to, with notes about where I got it (cause I sure won't remember a month from now!)
And what about the four sets of four tapes?  Would you believe all 16 rolls fit Perfectly in an empty wax paper box!
So do I feel guilty about buying 26 rolls of tape?  Not in the least.  You should have seen the things I didn't buy.  Like this tiny Hello Kitty working refrigerator.  It probably holds a couple of soft drinks and a couple of sandwiches.  It was the cutest thing ever.
But I had No idea there were so many Hello Kitty appliances.   Shelves of them!
I think I'm happy just having a picture of the little fridge.  Although I may be dreaming about it when I fall asleep tonight.  If I had that basement art studio I've always wanted, that is just what I'd need to have some cool beverages handy.....


gaye said...

Had so much fun with my friend today. Such an easy day where everything just rolled. Fun getting into trouble together. I don't think either of us have been shopping forever. All that tape was just jumping off the shelves. Hearts pounding, palms sweating, decisions to make. NOT, we bought it all. AAH! Life is Good!

J.La said...

Tape glorious tape! Who knew Target is the place to go for tape? I'm eager to see what my Target has to offer. So many dots, stripes and colors to adore! LOVE the clear duct tape with alphabet. Glad you both had a great day together!