Monday, June 11, 2012

Traveling Post Office

It's about the size of a suitcase. It has metal latches and hardware.

It has a rope handle.  There is a number "46" by the handle, but I don't know the significance of that.
When you open it, there are over 100 cubbyholes.  There are three pieces of card with addresses on them. 

This is the case I got from Gaye's yard sale.  She said the person she got it from said it was an old post office training case.  The cards that have addresses are smaller than regular envelopes, so it is more of a mini post office.
I still don't know exactly where I'm going to put it, but I already love it.  The cubbys are pretty small, though, so at first I was trying different things to see what would fit.  One section was bigger and it was a perfect fit for my spool of postal twine.
Then I discovered that the "shelves" are mostly cardboard.  They slide right out, so I could make some bigger openings to hold bigger stamps and other things.  That changes everything!
Something else that fit really well was this origami box Gaye gave me several years ago.  Now, if I could get her to make me about 50 more of those... 

I also got these mysterious lettering pens from her.  Not sure how to use the pens, but the tiny stencil is very cool!! 
So I guess now I need to go look for little things to go in the little cubbys.


j.La said...

Oh my! Treasures treasures! What fun! I just love the postal training box. You've adorned it quite wonderfully!

gaye said...

You did that on purpose! Now I want it back. Very cool.

letterlady said...

Hmmm - so that's what happens when you share the sale and get there early. : ) You get really cool stuff. I THINK the pencil/pen may be from a set that transcribes the letters to something else. There would have been a holder with a scribing tool of some sort to trace the letters in the stencil while the pen - attached off set from the original tool - scribes the letters to another object. Not much use for that now, I'd think, but lots of cool uses for the stencil and pen/pencil as is!. Oh what on earth am I to do? I cannot read the number that goes with the words to prove I'm not a robot. I swear. I am not a robot. I wish I were sometimes. Here goes. It will probably take me three tries.

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