Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And that's what happened

Yard sales can be a lot of work.  But they can also be a lot of fun, especially when it is like a reunion among friends you have not seen in a long time. 

Last Saturday, my friend Gaye had one of her famous art/studio sales.  I got there extra early so I could set up a table with a few of my own things I needed to pass along.  There was plenty of time to kill afer that before the sale started.  The weather was SO nice, unusually cool for June.  And that's why I was happy to sit here, on Gaye's deck, enjoying the flowers, the birds, squirrels and chipmonks.

When Gaye wasn't looking, I was debating whether I could steal this rusty star off her chimes.  It would be fun to use it to make rusted fabric (on my list of things to try some day).
Then I took a good look at her hose reel.  Now that would really make for an interesting rusted design!  But I'm sure her husband would hunt me down if I even thought about taking it!
 So I did the next best thing.  Yesterday, I made a black and white copy of my picture of the hose reel.  Then I got out the big carving block I found at the Goodwill store a couple of months ago and transferred the design.

A couple of hours later, I had my own stamp of the design.  I think it turned out pretty good.  And I didn't have to steal anything. 
Stay tuned for pictures of the neat little cabinet I bought from Gaye!


gaye said...

Are you freeking kidding me? Where does your muse come from? WOW! Boy, my deck looks good in YOUR picture.

letterlady said...

Gaye's deck does look good. And your new rubber stamp is amazing!

Caatje said...

That is totally amazing. Now i'm eyeing that stamp the way you eyed the the hose reel. Gimme gimme gimme! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pat, I love the carving!
Leslie C

Christine Meador said...

You are a genius! The stamp carving is beautiful!