Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mysterious Flowering Sucker Vine

I'm not very good at identifying plant life.  I know what a daisy looks like.  I know what a rose looks like.  And a few other things.  But not much else. 

I have this vine growing in a pot on my deck.  My mom gave me a clump of it a couple of years ago, and when I got home, I put it in the pot while I decided where its permanent home should be.  Needless to say, it never got transplanted.  She may have told me what it is called, but I don't remember.

Most of the time, I forget it's there, because it stays dormant most of the year.  With this summer's drought, I figured it had finally died a sad, neglected death.  Then we had some rain, and it leaped from its sleep and began its routine.

First, it extends it long, spindly vine - reaching and searching for anything to attach its little suckers to.  If it can't find something, it contorts itself backwards and attaches its new growth to itself.  Occasionally, it sets forth a little red flower, such a brilliant red that it's almost fluorescent.  The flowers only last a day, so I have to act fast if I want a picture.

And with all that fascination right on my deck, that's how this nature study came to be.



Maria Ontiveros said...

I love your pages today - the spray ink, rubbings and little boxes especially. I will definitely be adopting that last idea.

alexa said...

How lovely that it has not only survived, but you have celebrated and marked it in this way! Your pages are so easy on the eye - and I like all your notes.

paula said...

Cypress vine. It grows like a weed! Your drawings are fabulous!!! I really mean it.

Pat said...

Cypress Vine - Thank you, thank you!! I was hoping someone would tell me what it is.

gaye said...

You've been a busy girl. I really like the different tech. used. :-)