Thursday, August 16, 2012

Whoooooo Do You See?

I have been hunting and gathering in my yard.  I'm taking the online class "Ode to Nature" by the talented Alisa Burke.  Go see her post about the art of collecting here.

In my immediate surroundings, I have an abundance of sticks and weeds!  However, I do have a long list of nearby places to venture out to when I get the chance.

Meantime, these walnut shells make me laugh - don't they look like little owls peering at the camera?
 Feather collection:
 Off to collect more things....


KYCrafter said...

Gonna use the feathers to go with your owl faces?

Love this!!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Visiting from the Ode to Nature class, and I just added your blog to my reader. I like the variety of things you post.
I really like your arrangements. Those walnut shells are a hoot (sorry, couldn't resist), and I love all your feathers. I have to go look for feathers beyond the seashore because otherwise all I find are ones from seagulls.

SisterCraft said...

birds! definitely little birdies! maybe cute new-born owls? )))

Photocat said...

WOW, I think you DO know what you are doing... It looks wonderful! And I love those little owls... Gorgeous. Well done!