Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Online Class

Remember when I was showing my friend Gaye's book "Takin' Care of Business"?  It's the awesome book with a segmented binding that holds business cards, ATC's, moo cards, or whatever you want.
Some people do get the opportunity to take her classes in Kentucky, Ohio, and surrounding areas... but if you are not in those areas, you are in luck! She is now all set to teach the class online in January. Go here and see details (scroll down). OR, click here to go directly to info about her class.

It's a great bargain!


gaye said...

wow! this was a surprise. Thanks! I hope people take advantage of this class. It's a very cool book as well as a bargain price.

letterlady said...

Cool! I think I'd like to take the class. (I know Doris would have loved this!) How is Touche cover stock different from others? I don't have any and wonder if/what I can substitute.

gaye said...

You can substitute any 80 lb. card stock. Touche comes from Marco's Paper in Centerville, Oh. It's really hard to describe how this feels. Tactile is the best word I have. You just want to pet it all the time.