Saturday, July 13, 2013

Follow the Dots

In my last post, I mentioned Mellwood Arts Center where we went to see sketchbooks when they stopped in Louisville.  The Arts Center itself is an old meat-packing factory, long since out of business.  Currently, an artist can rent space there for studio, shop, and/or gallery.  It's a very interesting place if you like architecture, with lots of nooks and crannies, walls and windows to explore.  If you are adventurous, it reminded me of those old buildings where ghost hunters explore, with some areas that seem to be crumbling, with peeling paint and dark corners.
Other areas have been painted and brightened by the artists renting the space.  One was a mosaic studio.  It made me feel better from the time we stepped inside, with every inch colorful and interesting.  There seemed to be dots on every surface.

Even the trash can was colorful, covered with duct tape.
Talk about nostalgia - what a clever idea for an old hair dryer/chair from a beauty shop (no, I did not mean to say hair salon.  Back when these chairs were around, it was called a beauty shop!)
Love it's new title of a creative idea chair.
Other random places to sit in the open area outside.
There was a lot of empty space in this center.  And places to eat are practically non-existent.  I hope when the economy recovers some more, this place will thrive again.  Meantime, I'm wondering just how long it takes to put dots on every doorway.  I'm sure I would give up halfway through the project though.

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gaye said...

When I grew up it was called a Beauty Parlor. Oh, the things we remember.