Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Metal

I continue to play around with metal ATCs from time to time.  One reason it is so easy is because I have some pre-cut ATC cards.  Some time back, I got in the habit of cutting up cardboard from Kleenex tissue boxes.  That was back when I was making ATCs featuring fortunes from fortune cookies.  (A project that died before it really went anywhere.)  The cardboard is study, but not too thick.  But having them at the ready really prompts me to pick one up and start a new card.
I am still using punches mostly for the shapes.  The card on the right used two arrows punched out of lightweight cardstock, with numbers punched out to put on top of the arrows.  On the left card, a border punch with different sized circles was used and also a round punch.  I use a small bit of glue stick to hold the shapes where I want them before I put the metal tape over the whole thing. I use metal tools to highlight and outline the shapes, then freehand other designs to fill in the card.  I find I am combining metal working and zentangle patterns most of the time to fill in the backgrounds.  It is so much fun to doodle on the metal.
It's hard to tell on the cards below, but the one on the left has a circle and oval that are recessed, and can be filled in with a paper or picture punched with the same punches.  On the right card, a punched out circle is glued on top and it is raised instead of recessed.
All that's left to do is figure out what to put where for the finishing touches!


Caatje said...

These are gorgeous again. Beautiful work.

SarahS said...

these are really great! How are you applying the ink - just "pouncing" it?

Pat said...

Thanks for the great comments.
Sarah, yes, I apply the ink in a pouncing motion. I use alcohol ink and an alcohol ink applicator (the one that looks like a rubber stamp and has replaceable felt pads.) I feel like a novice with alcohol inks - I've had them for years, but never used them much. I never know what the final product will look like.

gaye said...

These are great! My fav is the number and arrow. Although, I really like the bird too! Can't really choose my fav I guess. :-)

J.La said...

Oh yeah! These are great!!

Bonnie said...

These cards are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the technique.