Sunday, July 13, 2014

Instant Stickers

If you ventured into making a cardboard book like I talked about in a June post, you may have also bought a ginormous roll of the packaging tape (water activated).  The thing is, you either need to get dozens of friends to also make a cardboard book to use it all up, or come up with other ways to use it.  I was looking at my cardboard book pages, and started thinking to myself, I wish I had used a border punch on the edges of the tape before I stuck it down.  So I punched a few strips of the tape just to see what it looked like.  There is lots of potential there, I do believe!

Then I found myself using other punches on the tape.  You can lick and stick them, but I prefer to use a slightly wet brush to activate the adhesive on the tape.  Either way, you have some instant stickers.  You have lots of positive and negative shapes to use.  (In other words, I like the holes in the tape as much as the circles punched out of it.)  And that roll will go a long way!
Have at it!!


Medbury Gaye said...

You are always so full of good ideas. Now that puts a whole new perspective on how to use that tape. It's kind of like instant washi tape.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! Must use immediately, as I happen to have the tape and punches right here!
Thank you for your very clever suggestion.

michelle ward said...

Pat, awesome idea to edge punch the binding strips! I will have to try that! I've used my larger punches to make shaped stickers (awesome!) but never would have thought to edge the strip. Cool!!! Thanks for sharing your idea. Sometimes it really is a bonus to have excess of a supply as it encourages us to explore other possibilities. Wait 'til you see what I'm doing NOW....(coming Nov/Dec Somerset).

Thank you also for your additional comment that pointed me toward the letter-cut-out-lady. I really appreciate that you'd think I'd enjoy it. I DID!!!