Monday, August 11, 2014

Stampaway Weekend (Part 1)

Another fun and successful Stampaway is now in the rearview mirror.  Gaye and I had a fun trip to Cincinnati and both had great classes.

I made another sample of my Agenda Book, this one using black pages from a children's book. I'm not sure what the book was about, but it had nice pages, mostly black, with some faint writing on some of the pages.  Nice weight for this particular book. 
When Gaye taught her Concertina Box, I actually sat down and made the project with the rest of the class. I have not taken a class in so long, it was fun just to sit and relax, chatting with tablemates. (My, how times have changed, and how we have all aged... most of the discussions now center on Social Security and retirement more than art!) These are Gaye's samples. When you lift the lid, the sides come down and pages unfold with quotes and art.
At the Friday night Preview Party, I was happy to again have a chance to watch some of my favorite artists work on journal pages.  The lovely and talented Dyan Reaveley was again there....
... one of Dyan's journal spreads.
So happy to see Mary Beth Shaw (Stencil Girl) there.  I could watch her make art for hours, and her journal pages are fabulous.
If you have ever been to a convention like this (especially in the month of August), you know it can get hot and stuffy at times.  Gaye (in the red on the right) carries a battery-operated fan with her and whips it out when she needs to cool off.  We happened to cross paths with another fan lady (Cindy) and I made them pose for a picture.  I never met Cindy before and know nothing about her, except that she has the driest and funniest sense of humor I have even encountered.
 Friday Night Preview means crazy hat contest...  These are some of the amazing creations... This fella had a large sombrero with card samples clipped all around it.
This hat was very tall, with a lighted veil....
To me, this cupcake hat one of the vendors wore is the way to go, because it was impressive, but lightweight, since it was mostly paper and cotton.
Another vendor had this awesome stack of flower pots on her head.
More about the weekend in the next post...

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