Thursday, August 21, 2014

Travel Book

Last year, when I got back from Stampaway, I made a book of the trip, using stamps, stencils, business cards, and other things collected from the trip.  I decided to make another one for this year. The first page uses the same "road trip" stamp as last year, plus what looks like the same large number stencils - I saw the same stencil I bought last year in a smaller size this year and decided to get that one too!

I took my teacher's packet, cut it smaller to fit the page, and decorated it with one of the stencils I bought this year.
The packet included a map of local restaurants, and I added some notes and highlights about the trip (which included a car fire and giant squirrel statues).
Another thing I bought this year is a template stencil, so I've been playing around with making miniature folders and envelopes!
I still have lots of fun stencils I haven't had time to play with yet, and will be using those on other pages in this book.

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