Thursday, December 24, 2015

DLP Angel

Merry Christmas Eve...

I have really lagged behind on my weekly assignments, but I do have several Documented Life Project Journal pages in progress.  I did finish one this month, for week 44.  The assignment was to use tea bags, dryer sheets, or other fibrous paper.

I spread out some used tea bags and coffee filters to see if something inspired me.  The cone coffee filters really looked like angel wings to me.  So I made a color copy of a metal figure I bought earlier this year (by artist Kelly Rae Roberts), clipped off her butterfly wings, and used her as the figure for my angel. 

The triangular teabag, when taken apart, actually makes a square, so I used that for a pocket to insert a card with Week 44 stamped on it.  I made notes, added other things to the page to remind me of other papers I could have used, and called it good. 

Not sure if I'm through with it or if I will doodle some more on it, but I'm pretty happy with it whether I do anything else or not.

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