Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March Planner Pages

Hello March... Even though my lack of posts here makes it look like I haven't done anything lately, that's not totally true.  I have made a few pages for this month for the Documented Life Project UnPlanner 2016.

I continue to find different ways to make a weekly date page.  I have a few pads of paper from the dollar store that have the days of the week on them.  Personally, I prefer the ones that start the week with Sunday, not Monday.  But I have scissors and I'm not afraid to use them, so the ones that start with Monday can still be used. 

For the March file tab, I used my punch to punch the tab from a notecard.  I used a label maker to print March on clear label tape.

 For the March calendar page, I printed the month on a kraft colored paper and wrote the days with a white gel pen.  I used the same paper to print a divided list and adapted it to make a weekly page.
I must have been tired when I stamped the days of the week on the weekly page.  I invented a new day, Sundax.  I just let it go and made a note that it was a new day of the week!  I just don't let little things like that slow me down anymore!  Adds a little extra uniqueness to the page!

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