Monday, August 8, 2016

Stampaway 2016

Another successful Stampaway USA is in the books.  Gaye and I traveled to Cincinnati Ohio for the annual convention (this one being number 24).  Gaye had two fun classes which kept us busy on Thursday and Friday.  The highlight of the Friday Night Preview Party (besides the shopping and seeing old friends) is the theme for the night.  This year had a tiara theme.  It is optional, of course, to wear a tiara or crown while shopping, but I love how the vendors participate and how many attendees go all out to compete for the best one.  Here are a few I captured and the various ways the theme was interpreted.

I always love watching demos, and Mary Beth Shaw of Stencil Girl and Dyan Reaveley of Dylusions (Dyan pictured below) are two of my favorites. 
Lots of shopping, lots of walking, lots of catching up with friends, and before you know it, it was time to head home on Saturday.  That is where the story took a detour, literally.  It's 15 miles from the convention center to the Kentucky state line.  It took us three hours.  Interstate traffic was moving, but barely.  We never really knew if it was just a lot of traffic, all the construction, or a wreck... probably all three. After barely moving during all that time, we decided to leave the interstate waiting to cross the bridge over the river, and went to find the smaller bridge that we knew led to Covington, Ky.  From there, we knew how to get back on the interstate south of where the bottleneck was in Ohio.  Apparently, most of the other people had the same idea.  That route was just as crowded, but at least it was moving, and at least we finally saw the sign that we had made it to Kentucky!  Halleluiah!
I did get a few stamps, and a bunch of new washi tape. 
And I may have gotten a stencil or two.. or maybe over a dozen...  I needed to play when I got home, and this page was done with just black and red ink pads stenciled onto a page that already had gold paint on it.
I think this may be my new favorite stencil.  I didn't even know such a thing existed until I saw it hanging in a booth.  I love it.  I can quickly stencil the day and date without having to mask out the letters and numbers, because the little wheel thing turns to where I want it and does the masking for me!
Stampaway USA 2017 - year 25 - only one year away! 


KYCrafter said...

I too was in that traffic jam. Construction and wrecks. At one point, my trusty WAZE app told me I could cut 3 minutes off my ETA. I thought, "Yeah, right. I'll just stay here."

The whole time, I was was trying to think of a way to find something crafty to do while stopped in the jam. Couldn't think of anything I'd brought, or bought, that I could do behind the wheel. I couldn't get to my magazines as they were packed away in the rear of the car. I didn't think the people behind me would appreciate me stopping my car just to rummage through the back to find a magazine.

I'd eaten almost everything that was leftover from the stash I'd taken for Wednesday through Friday. (And I had drunk far too much to be in that traffic jam.) So I decided to take a detour that WAZE was suggesting. It took me by the Red's baseball park, across the suspension bridge, and through downtown Covington. And finally, I was back on I-75/I-71. Yea!!! I stopped at the first exit, of course. I decided I had to check up on the Burger King and his public thrones. Then I was back on the road.

I then headed to Lexington, to go to the huge Walmart at the Winchester Road exit off I-75. I needed a certain Lego set for a birthday party yesterday. I didn't trust our little Walmart in Frankfort. I don't even remember what time I got home.

It's always a great time when I see Pat and Gaye at Stampaway!! I had a great time this year.

Pat said...

Lisa, we may have been near each other on the interstate for all we know! We probably went pretty much the same way to Covington. We did stop for gas and a "break" at a questionable little place before crossing the river, but it served its purpose. My normal three hour drive took me six hours. What a mess. But still worth the trip. Great seeing you!