Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trifold Art Card

Time Marches On... and by that I mean, we are almost halfway through September already!

I have been doing things, just not getting my act together enough to take pictures and put a couple of sentences together.

Most of my time has been spent with the new job.  And having an internet outage during two of my first three weeks.  Not a happy camper here, as I work at home and depend on my internet to work.  The new company still lets me work there, so I guess it didn't scare them off  yet.

While waiting and waiting for a technician, I did doodle in my journal, depicting the annoying yellow triangle that designates no internet connection at the bottom of the computer screen.  I hope I don't see it again any time soon!
I feel a little guilty that my DLP planner is being neglected.  I did manage to get a fold-out September calendar in it (made from scrapbook paper that looks like distressed notebook paper.  For this week's art card, I followed the tutorial by Roben-Marie Smith.  I am not very patient with projects with a lot of layers, because if I have to wait for drying times, I probably won't finish.  But, this time I stuck with it and ended up with something I really like, warts and all.  The theme was to stitch your card.  Click here for Roben-Marie's blog post.


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Medbury Gaye said...

The art card is terrific. Can't wait to see it in person.