Friday, September 16, 2016


Seems like forever since I've been in Michael's.  What a shock to see the "latest thing"... when did they start selling manual typewriters?
 I have to admit, I'm kind of a typewriter geek, but I can't see spending two hundred bucks for one.  I'm sure it's a dream to type on, but still.  I did look long and hard at the ribbons for it though.  Typewriter ribbons in different colors!  Of course, my typewriter has the standard black/red ribbon.  But these were in black/blue, black/brown, etc.  I decided to take a chance and buy one to see if it would fit.

And it did.  I may have to go back and see what other colors they had.  I got the brown.  Kind of old world-y.
 Pretty ironic that the new ribbon cost more than what I paid for the old typewriter at Goodwill.
Even funnier, I looked on YouTube to find help in installing a typewriter ribbon.  I also found instructions for using a pencil app.  Even though I appreciate having a pencil tool on a phone or tablet for sketching, I found it ironic that you need an app to use a pencil.  Or maybe it's just me.


Medbury Gaye said...

I like your old One better but how lucky to find new ribbons to fit. And in colors to boot! Too cool!

Anonymous said...

I saw those the other day, too and chuckled! Vinyl albums and record players at Barnes and Noble, and manual typewriters at Michaels. What's old is new. I never thought to see if the ribbons would fit my old manual. Another run to the craft store!
Leslie C

Pat said...

Barnes and Noble has record players? Too funny. I really should get out more...

Anonymous said...

Yes, usually on the table below,the LPs. Leslie