Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to School

I started to title this "to be young again" but decided I didn't like the sound of that.  I don't really want to be young again.  Well, maybe I'd like parts of me to be young again!  I do wonder if the youngsters these days realize how much great stuff they have access to.  I love the Back-To-School sales.  So much cool stuff there for artists.  Like this:

This is a mini-curtain for the school locker.  It has a magnetic strip at the top for hanging.  I have already been taking it apart and using the "tags", which is what they are to me!  (Available at Target)

This is an ad for back to school shoes (I don't know what store). 

I'm so sad.  Why are the Cat in the Hat shoes wasted on kids.  If they came in my size, I've have them today!

And scissors...

I don't even need to say anything else about the scissors (Target).

Speaking of school, you remember the Periodic Table, I'm sure...  Have you ever seen one in calligraphy?

I was the only bidder for this in a recent fundraiser.  No other geeky calligraphers out there?  Go figure.  I can't wait to frame and hang this!
(Calligraphy by the late Ann Van Tassell of Blacksburg, Virginia)

Happy back to school shopping!


gaye said...

I am soooooooooo wanting those scissors and those shoes. I remember when I was knitting sweaters that all my inspiration came from the childrens department. No one makes fun clothing for adults. People loved them.
BTW, are those curtain tags plastic or metal?

Jennifer said...

I am soooooo going to Target tomorrow for those scissors!! And, love the shoes too. Wish they were in our sizes.....

Marti Schrock said...

Planning to hit Target Saturday for those scissors - very fun!

Do you play to attend Stamp Away in Cincinnati in August?

Pat said...

Hi, Marti - for the first time in many years, I have not made plans for Stampaway. If I go, I'll make it a day trip (as if I need anything new in the first place!!)