Monday, July 12, 2010

Nail Pen Revisited

You remember Miss White Nail Art Pen.  I mentioned her in May here.

Yes, it's a she, because of the flower, ya know.  Anyway, Karen left a comment about getting one in silver and using it on fabric.  I could not imagine it would work that well on fabric.  My white pen didn't work that great on fabric at all.  But I found myself thinking about it off and on, wondering if maybe the metallics had a different consistency that worked better on fabric.  The next time I was out and about, I looked at these pens again.

Wow, they had a whole bunch of new colors!  But I must have been really tired, because I was distracted when I saw "Purple Chrome".  All I could think was "ooh... shiny and pretty".  And I bought one.  Only after I got it home did I realize I had not paid attention to the packing one little bit, and this was not a nail art pen with the fine point, but a brush tip with a clicker on the end to pump the nail polish to the brush.  Hmmm. 

So, Miss Pen now has a Mister to join her, but I wasn't crazy about it myself.  I tried it on fabric and it mostly soaked in.  I tried it on a couple of other surfaces, and it was only okay, but it was hard to control the brush for "painting" or writing.  Amazingly, it worked great on my thumbnail.  If I were a girly girl who painted my fingernails a lot, this was the ticket... nice even flow without constant dipping into a bottle... 

Anyway, I decided I had spent more than enough on nail polish pens for awhile.  But I found myself again near some nail polish and took a chance on Little Miss Gold Pen.  She's a star, she is. 

I liked it on slick surfaces as I did with the white.  But then I tried it on fabric.  Oh, my!  I finally knew what Karen was talking about.  I just loved it on dark fabric.  But the best part was, the more it dried, the sparkly-er it got!  I'm sold on this one.

Groovy!  (By the way, the lighter word "test" was done with the nail art pen, and the brighter white words were done with a Signo gel pen.  There is a swash of the purple chrome on the fabric piece too.)

This is what the three tips look like - two fine point art pens and one brush pen.

I still don't know how long they will last.  I have to admit I'm pretty stingy in using mine, so they may last me a little while I hope.  But I am already wondering if they can be refilled.  I will definitely be trying that when they run dry.


Sandy said...

This is great. I'm stopping by Sally's tomorrow. Thanks.

gaye said...

What a great review. Thanks for taking the time to photograph all the pens. I think the samples are really nice. Also love the soft blue wavy lines.