Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Make A List

I really admire people who make a list of goals to accomplish, or a list of dreams to fulfill in the course of a new year.  I don't know if it's a lack of commitment on my part or a fear of failure, but I just don't like to tie myself down to completing a list (although, I admit, when I do make a list, it feels great when I mark things off it.)

If your word for the year is Action, you kinda do need a list.  In my head, I have lots of lists.  And I found a system that, so far this year, is working for me.
1.  Do something on the list in your head.
2.  When it is finished, write it on the list.
3.  Check it off as completed.

No fail.

Here are a couple more pages in my physics journal for this year.  I seem to be boxing things in on the pages.  Hope that is a sign I will be more organized this year.
This journal has some pages that fold out.  I have started a map on one of them.  Because I'm going places, don't ya know.


letterlady said...

You are definitely 'going places', Pat! I'm a list maker because I'm so forgetful...but then I forget where my list is. It would be very handy to have it in my head.

gaye said...

I make lists all the time in my head. Especially writing Thank you's or Birthday's. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and sometimes I think I finished it. Sometimes I feel guilt of repeating the same list in my head and not acting. Whatever the case may be, my heart is always in the right place.