Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Blog Posts in January

I'm glad that was not my new year's resolution, to have more blog posts in January.  And if it was, I sure am glad I didn't say it out loud.  Then I'd feel guilty that the month is half over and I haven't been posting much.

I'm also glad I'm not a perfectionist.  I make too many mistakes to ever survive being a perfectionist.  I've been admiring my Physics Journal all month.  But I recently noticed that I put the back cover on upside down.  Now, that's no big deal because there is nothing on the back cover.  However, the raw edge where I cut the cover off the physics book is on the outside, instead of the inside where it should be. 

I debated putting some washi tape over the edge to cover it up, but then I spied some fancy schmancy art paper I bought a long time ago. I cut it to size and used it as an endpaper to cover the inside back cover, but made it wide enough to wrap around the cover to the outside. I love it! And if I had not made a mistake, that might never have happened.

I added a colophon of sorts on the last page of the journal. I stamped the date it was made and added notes about materials I used. I drew boxes around the stamped date and used Inktense watercolor pencils to color them in. I used a black pencil for the border, and left some of it untouched with water so that I still had the rough lines around each box.

Another hot mess I made was when I used acrylic paint with my stencils on the first page (where you'll see I also used words from the original Physics Made Simple title page). The paint seeped under the stencil and I was not a happy camper at all when I saw how sloppy it looked. I used a black marker and white poster paint pen to even out the edges of the design. I am still playing with this page, but I like it better now. And again, that was not the plan I had in mind at all, but imperfection led to something different than what I intended. 

If I can just apply this go-with-the-flow attitude to all of life's problems, it's going to be a good year!


gaye said...

Finally! A Post! Very clever Ms. Pat. All great adjustments.

SarahS said...

I like it. Really like the colors too!

letterlady said...

Looks great! I just love serendipitous work-arounds!

J.La said...

Perfectionism is overrated. Besides, as you've said, mistakes can lead to very happy outcomes, indeed!
I like your style!