Thursday, April 26, 2012

(Cross) Hatching a Plan

It's a good day when you receive Royal Mail.

I love detailed drawings, and I recently ordered a couple of 'Zines from Andrea Joseph.  I am just blow away by what she can do with a simple ballpoint pen and other drawing tools.

I got her Travel Sketchbook, and also How to Draw Like A Nut.

Within just a few minutes after reading How to Draw Like a Nut, I had drawn the scissors lying nearby and made notes on my journal page.  (I would have drawn peanuts like in her examples, but I didn't have any.)  I definitely see a lot of this in my future.

Sorry I've been a little absent lately.  Apparently Blogger didn't like my old browser and would not let me post.  Won't go into all the upgrades and fixes, etc, plus re-learning how to post on the new layout they have.  All's well that ends well. 


letterlady said...

I think I need that zine!

gaye said...

I'm impressed

carol said...

Screeching with delight over her about those scissors! LOVE them... and your lettering is wonderful as well. thanks for the inspiration of the day!