Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh My

The way I look at it, we all get older every year.  So you might as well enjoy it!

Having a birthday means you can go visit family and celebrate.  My mother apologized because she only had two candles for my cake.  Then I saw the two candles.  I guess you can see where I get my sense of humor!

 I can always count on my sister to find the right thing to make me smile.
My brother was smart enough to salvage our grandmother's scrapbooks that our mother was going to toss when she moved recently.  We really had fun looking through those old books, even though they were practically falling apart. 
Of course, nothing is more fun than receiving all the fun birthday greetings.
Somebody knows exactly the right thing for me - more coffee from Alaska.  Awesome bag with something funny on every single side.
And of course I'm thrilled that Gaye gave me some of the fun pens and pencils like hers.  Now I can also use them to make awesome cards and art, just like she does!!
As they say, better to be over the hill than under it.  Am I right?!!!


letterlady said...

You are sooo right! Happy Birthday! You 60? Unbelievable!

gaye said...

Looks like you had a fun B-Day. The slippers are great. And you got tons of cards. I would have been in that scrapbook all day.

j.La said...

Yay Birthday Girl!! Lots of fun stuff for a fabulous girl! Your Grandmother's scrapbook looks awesome! The store must have been all out of #4 candles......

Caatje said...

Sorry for my late response, But a very happy belated birthday to you. And as far as I'm concerned: there IS no hill. ;-)

Paula Hardesty said...

Love it all Pat. Happy Belated Sweetie! The card from gaye is out of this world. Glad you had fun in TN.